Need to send invitations
to a large group?

Use DigiCard

With DigiCard, you can send your invitations with the speed of light.

Our Websites are for any occasion

Wedding Invitations

Send great invitations to your loved ones on your big day.

Anniversary Invitations

Invite everyone to join in your celebration and share your joy with others

Conference Meeting Website

Invite your attendees in an easy and quick way

“ Original and with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, the team at DiGICard are always a pleasure to work with. ”

Jane Miller


We make your RSVP invitations a breeze

Planning an event takes a lot of time and energy. Let us take the load of your shoulders by providing an easy way to send your invitations digitally. Just share your link via email or social media, and we will do the rest.
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Feel free to contact us with your questions. If you have any specific requests, or want to know more about the types of invitations we can create, we’re here to answer any questions.
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